The Green Transition Fund

Transitioning to a low carbon economy is a challenge on a societal scale. Traditional business models are likely to be profoundly affected by the drive towards a greener, lower emission based economic model. So, ensuring that you have the correct support and advice in place for your business is essential.

To achieve a successful transition business, government and all stakeholders must act collectively. Aligning policy, technology and capital to drive transition. Providing a future based on greener technology, higher energy security and vitally, lower carbon emissions.

The Green Transition Fund has been implemented to support companies througout their decarbonisation journey – from planning and establishing your footprint to research, training and innovation. A range of streams are available, including the Climate Action Voucher, GreenPlus, GreenStart and Strategic Consultancy funds. For more information on elligibility and to find out if your business qualifies for the funding check out the Intertrade Ireland website link below.

Support streams

Grant Offer Support
Climate Action Voucher:
Consultancy support to develop an initial sustainability/ decarbonisation/circular economy strategy and action plan.
€1,800 grant
Consultancy grant to support companies to introduce environmental best practice systems and structures, achieve cost and resource reduction targets and lay a foundation for future environmental improvement projects
Grant rate of up to 80% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of €5000
Support for training projects to develop a high level of environmental management capability, drive environmental efficiencies and achieve improved sustainability.
Grant rate of up to 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum grant of €50,000
Strategic Consultancy:
Consultancy grant to assist large energy users develop a carbon reduction roadmap Grant rates of up to 50% of eligible costs. Typical maximum support of €35k
Grant rates of up to 50% of eligible costs.

The benefits

A greener economy offers numerous opportunities for business.

Check out some of the benefits of decarbonising your business:

  • Engage with new business
  • Measure your sustainability
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce harmful environmental practices
  • Increase staff retention and attract the best talent

How SDS Energy Carbonfit can assist

Carbonfit can assist you no matter where you are on your journey. If you are starting your journey and need to establist your carbon footprint, the CarbonFIT platform will simplify the calculations and provide you with an understanding of where large carbon emitters lie within your main day to day operations. The Climate action voucher or Green Start Support may be a great starting point for your business.

If your organisation must comply with legislative or compliance reporting such as as Bord Bia Sustainability plans, PPN 06 21 or EAS ( Energy Auditing scheme ) which is fast approaching the CarbonFIT platform will allow independent third party verification by our Chartered Engineers ensuring your compliance needs are met. Green Start or Green Plus support may be a great starting point for your business.

If you are further along your journey and want to put decarbonisation into action CarbonFIT provides a dedicated program and online platform to support organisations with their Carbon Reduction Plans and provides an individual roadmap guiding your organisation step by step to Net Zero. CarbonFIT allows you to easily identify carbon hotspots along this journey. Carbon reduction reporting also provides clear demonstration of you commitment to Net Zero to your staff, clients and stakeholders.

To achieve a succesful transition business, governement and all stakeholders must work collectively, towards a greener, low carbon business and societal model.

Carbonfit provide Low Carbon Energy & Legislation Compliance, such as ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) and SECR (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting). More recently the company has expanded further by developing CarbonFIT – a dedicated program and online platform designed to support organisations with their Carbon Reduction Plans and roadmap individual pathways to Net Zero.