Who has to comply?

SECR applies to all quoted companies who are already required to report via Mandatory GHG reporting, large, limited liability partnerships and all large UK incorporated unquoted companies. An organisation is considered large and must comply if it meets at least 2 of the following criteria:


250 +

Annual Turnover

£36 million +

Balance Sheet

£18 million +

Our dedicated experts bring unparalleled knowledge and passion to guide your business through effective carbon reduction strategies, precise emission tracking, and compliance with sustainability standards. Choose carbonfit for a collaborative partnership, where our seasoned professionals lead the way to a greener and more sustainable future for your organisation

Our Carbon Team can ensure your organisation meets all of its obligations to achieve compliance in a timely, efficient and transparent manner. We have an experienced team of Qualified Low Carbon Consultants & Analysts, approved by the Energy Managers Association (EMA) who will offer a professional & cost-effective service.

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Our 5 step plan...

Organisational Review

Complete review of the business to understand the structure, which will determine what should be reported, It is mandatory to include energy & emissions from all sources of environmental impact.

Define Data Collection Period

All data and information from business operations and processes must be collected and subsequently recorded in line with the reported financial year.

Determine Key Metrics, Methodology & Action

Energy efficiency & environmental actions taken throughout the reporting FY need to be disclosed in a narrative format. The method used and inclusion of key business intensity metrics is crucial

Reporting & Submission

All findings must be publicly disclosed within your Directors' Report or equivalent section within the Annual Report. Regulations are enforced by the BEIS who apply financial penalties to organisations that fail to submit, report incorrectly or miss the deadline.

Set Targets & Actions to be Taken

The real value in SECR reporting is that it highlights specific areas of opportunity to reduce energy & carbon emissions, which may have not been clear before. Decisions will be taken regarding setting SBTi/Net Zero/Carbon Neutral targets.

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