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Simple Data Entry for Scope 1 & 2 Emissions Calculation

Enter 7 key data inputs in our easy step-by-step process and generate your company’s Carbon Footprint in minutes. All calculated to Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards

All you need is a 12 month total for each input, we suggest contacting your supplier or finance department to get these before you get Started.

Your Carbon Reduction Plan Delivered directly to your Inbox

Once your Carbon Footprint has been calculated, now it’s time to get Started planning real Carbon Reduction. Instant access to your Carbon Reduction Plan to ensure your business remains competitive and support your Sustainability Strategy.

Carbon Insights

Find out your Starting point and develop a plan to get to your Net Zero. Formalise your Net Zero Pledge and uncover the benefits of pursuing SBTi validation. All developed and supported by accredited Low Carbon Consultants. Carbon Footprint Assessment, Certificate, Net Zero Pledge all included.

Includes 3 months access to our full carbon intelligence platform and access the plans and packages designed to accelerate the journey to Net Zero. Energy Reduction, Supply Chain, Grants & Funding

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