Phoenix Energy

Phoenix Energy is at the forefront of sustainable energy distribution, owning and operating the gas distribution network in Greater Belfast, Larne, East Down, and Whitehead areas in Northern Ireland. As a leader in the sector, Phoenix is playing a leading role in progressing efforts to inject green gas (namely biomethane) into the NI gas grid.

Key Carbon Highlights
  • 4,000 TCO2e Improved Methodology
  • >£200,000 Financial Savings Identified
  • >9,000 MWh Energy Savings Identified
  • Reporting completed for SECR 2021 & 2022, ESOS Phase 2 and GRESB (including phoenix achieving 1st position in Europe)
  • Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme Phase 3
  • Scope 1,2 and Scope 3 emissions footprint quantified and verified
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan developed and fully costed
  • 50% Carbon Reduction by 2030
  • >20 Improvement Projects Identified
"Carbonfit has supported us in achieving our carbon, climate, and ESG objectives, and continues to monitor and track progress." - - Gareth Wright (Director of Business Services)
Their Story

Demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship, Phoenix Energy is driving its Carbon Reduction policy forward. The company has set clear and achievable targets to attain Net Zero goals for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, including those embedded within their supply chain. Moving from spend based method in 2021 to Improved hybrid and specific methodologies in 2023, Phoenix Energy is leading the way in supplier engagement and accuracy of reporting.

The carbonfit software and platform play an important role in achieving near-term goals and the overarching Net Zero target. This comprehensive solution provides both expertise and technology to streamline data gathering, track progress, and implement effective carbon reduction strategies.

An initial carbon footprint assessment covered all company sites and operations, accounting for Scope 1, 2, and upstream Scope 3 emissions. In collaboration with Phoenix’s sustainability team, staff and suppliers were engaged to ensure clarity and cohesion on carbon reduction targets. Certification and verification processes were successfully completed, establishing the company's baseline carbon footprint.

Phoenix Energy Van

The carbonfit platform offers a live online space to share data and progress. This transparency is crucial in fostering collaboration with key suppliers. Engineers and low-carbon consultants identified 15 improvement projects aimed at reducing energy and carbon across Phoenix's main office and operations.

Milestones and Progress

Phoenix has completed regulatory and mandatory carbon reporting, including SECR 2021 & 2022, ESOS Phase 2, and GRESB, securing the number 1 position in Europe. Through carbonfit, the company is already preparing for ESOS Phase 3, ensuring that monthly collation of energy and carbon data allows for quick response to advances in reporting for both internal and external stakeholders. All completed reports and disclosures are available to share directly from the platform, including carbon hotspots, real time tracking against historic data and the company’s Net Zero trajectory.

Phoenix stands as a beacon of sustainability, showcasing the impact of strategic planning, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology in driving meaningful change in the energy sector.

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At the heart of our mission is a commitment to driving sustainable transformation across diverse landscapes, which is why we proudly collaborate with businesses in multiple dynamic cities across the UK and Republic of Ireland. From the bustling streets of Belfast to the vibrant energy of London, the industrious hub of Birmingham, the maritime charm of Liverpool, the urban vibrancy of Manchester, the cultural tapestry of Glasgow, the historic allure of Edinburgh, and the cosmopolitan flair of Dublin, our reach spans far and wide. We understand that each city has its unique challenges and opportunities, and that's why our tailored carbon calculation platform is designed to meet the distinct needs of businesses in every locale. Our engineer expertise doesn't just transcend geographical boundaries; it thrives within them, crafting solutions that resonate with the individual essence of each city. Together, we're not just driving carbon optimisation – we're forging connections that empower businesses to thrive sustainably while nurturing the diverse spirit of every community we touch.