Omagh Hospital Critical Care Unit designed by TODD architects

Carbon reduction success spotlight - TODD Architects

Key Carbon Highlights
  • Full Compliance – PPN06/21
  • Appointment to NHS SBS Framework with clear goals on sustainability within architecture outlined
  • Base year carbon emissions confirmed
  • Last Financial year carbon emissions confirmed
  • Pledge completed with Scope 1, 2 and 3 in line with SBTI
  • 20 Carbon projects identified in Year 1 ( Scope 1,2 and 3 ( 5/15)
  • Third Party Verified Carbon footprint to GHG Methodology
  • Carbonfit Footprint Certificate verified
“Carbonfit played an important role in aiding us with our PPN06/21 carbon reduction plan and carbon footprint measurement which is a mandatory requirement for NHS contracts and was a necessary part of our successful NHS SBS framework tender. Our successful appointment to this “one stop shop” framework for the NHS covers architecture, surveying and engineering projects over the next 4 years.” Andrew Murray
Their Story

With offices in Belfast, London, Manchester and Dublin, TODD Architects embarked on their journey with Carbonfit in 2022. Through clear and transparent reporting, they have illustrated the advantages of embracing a Verified Carbon Reduction Plan for their organisation and the resulting new business opportunities. During our initial discussions with TODD Architects in 2022, we identified several key challenges and opportunities identified at the outset including:

  • The ambition to wholeheartedly commit to Net Zero albeit with some uncertainty about the appropriate starting point.
  • Demonstrating unwavering transparency in tracking and disclosing carbon emissions
  • Opportunities of large frameworks with new PPN06/21 reporting requirements
  • Only beginning their Net Zero journey unsure of resources and time required
  • Additional education requirements for carbon calculations and reporting
  • Integration of sustainability and carbon reduction into Core Business Operations
  • Compliance with Mandatory Carbon Reporting and Regulations
  • Continuous endeavour of attracting and retaining top talent

Following these discussions, Carbonfit recommended that TODD Architects begin with the Carbon Planning option which is best placed for any organisation starting their carbon footprint reporting but are keen for our engineers to provide third party verification. This approach allowed TODD Architects to promptly obtain and understand their baseline carbon footprint for FY 2018/2019 for Scope 1,2 and 3 ( including 5 mandatory) . Subsequently, TODD Architects completed an additional year of FY 21/22 to allow hotspot analysis and comparative data exploration. Aaron in carbonfit provided an opportunities list of 11 projects which Jim Mullholland reviewed and was keen to advance. Due to the location of the offices, it was apparent collaboration with third party stakeholders would be essential to progress certain opportunities provided. As these would not be achievable in the short term they were labelled as medium term projects. Undaunted by this, Jim spearheaded the progression of the remaining projects rallying his team and staff, all eager to accelerate their journey towards net zero emissions. Working with Aaron, TODD Architects discussed expected timelines for each of these projects and subsequently establish short-term, medium and long-term emission reduction targets for Scope 1 and 2. “We aim to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2025 and 100% by 2030. “

Omagh Hospital Critical Care Unit - 2017 CEF Construction Excellence Awards, Health Infrastructure Awards - Finalist

Moving to Scope 3 emissions, TODD Architects successfully addressed six of the fifteen categories in their first year. Additional categories will be added in 23/24 and they aim to have a full scope 3 inventory by 2025 or sooner. In the interim, the organisation has implemented alterations to their business travel,waste and employee commuting policies, thereby initiating the reduction of associated emissions. During their initial year, TODD Architects submitted a tender to SBS NHS Framework. This endeavor necessitated a compliant PPN 06/21 Carbon Reduction Plan, which TODD Architects were well-prepared for, having already obtained cabronfit third-party verification for their plan, which was subsequently submitted as an integral component of their tender submission.

TODD Architects, without question, stand at the forefront of the architectural sector, showcasing an unwavering commitment to reducing both organizational and building emissions, thereby setting a remarkable example for the industry at large. As a practice they recognise that climate breakdown and the rapid erosion of biodiversity is the most serious threat of our time. To help tackle this threat, sustainability and social impact are core considerations within their evolving design process. They aim to simplify the sustainability process for our clients through creative design solutions; making it as straightforward as possible to achieve targets. In taking the entire building lifecycle into consideration, they can identify the best routes for reducing carbon emissions for generations to come.

PRONI Office Building: Certified BREEAM Excellent
“Through their ‘Net Zero’ Business Operation Strategy, we are committed to becoming a net zero practice through the following essential steps:
  • Measure our footprint
  • Set a net zero goal with clear targets
  • Reduce energy use through efficiency initiatives
  • Switch to renewable energy sources
  • Pursue nature-based solutions to carbon removal
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