Carbon reduction success spotlight - McCloskey International

Key Carbon Highlights
  • 13 Carbon projects identified in Year 1
  • Carbon reduction roadmap to 2030
  • Net-zero pledge for Scope 1 and 2 by 2030
  • 30% Capex reduction
  • 37% reduction in grid supply
  • Over £150k Savings to date with carbonfit
  • £80k Funding secured for Decarbonisation projects
  • 600 KW PV installed across 2 sites in 2022
  • Full Compliance - ESOS, SECR & Carbon Reduction Plan
  • Third Party Verified Carbon footprint to GHG Methodology
  • Smart metering strategy
  • Ease of monthly reporting to stakeholders with automated reports
"Working with CarbonFIT we are delighted we have reached some of our Carbon Reduction targets, even sooner than anticipated. CarbonFIT allows us to track and share our progress with our teams directly alongside the support and expertise of their Low Carbon Consultants. I look forward to what the future brings with Carbonfit" - John Collins
Their Story

McCloskey International embarked on their journey with Carbonfit in 2021 and have shown true Sustainability leadership and enduring commitment on their journey. In 2021 during our initial discussions several key challenges and opportunities were identified at the outset including:

  • Escalating Energy Costs, including Supply Chain Escalations
  • Prioritizing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Integration into Core Business Operations
  • Compliance with Mandatory Carbon Reporting and Regulations
  • Ambitious Emission Reduction Targets of Achieving 100% Scope 1 and 2 Reductions by 2030
  • Extensive Scope 3 Supply Chain Decarbonization, estimated to be tenfold larger than operational emissions
  • Pursuit of New Grants and Funding for Green Investment Initiatives
  • Talent Attraction and Retention
  • Enhancement of Stakeholder and Investor Credentials

Committed to expediting their journey toward net zero emissions, McCloskey International swiftly established a dedicated "Green Team." They introduced a company app to facilitate open communication within the team. Subsequently, a carbon literacy and awareness workshop was organised with Annemarie in Carbonfit to empower the Green Team with the necessary tools to engage with management across all levels regarding the net zero agenda.

Following thorough site audits conducted by Carbonfit engineers Aaron, Nigel and David, McCloskey's Green Team promptly reviewed the opportunities list. This list encompassed potential carbon and energy savings, as well as return on investment considerations. It also provided estimated timelines and outlined the necessary actions to implement identified initiatives. This approach facilitated the rapid identification of quick wins and longer-term projects. McCloskey International identified six projects right away and wasted no time in allocating resources, clarifying responsibilities, and completing all six projects within a timeframe of 12 months.

In 2022, after confirming their base year emissions, McCloskey International established their short-term and long-term emission reduction targets. They also pinpointed several additional projects, including the installation of a 400kWp PV array at the Granville site. Collaborating closely with Carbonfit engineers, they secured an £80K grant from Invest NI. Furthermore, McCloskey International realized a savings of £150K through their partnership with Carbonfit. The large PV array is now operational and will yield significant annual energy savings for the organisation.

In 2023, McCloskey International transitioned to a green supply renewable contract, reducing their Scope 2 emissions to zero tons of CO2 equivalent, with valuable assistance from our procurement manager, Aron.

Overall, to date McCloskey International has identified a total of 13 projects, collectively expected to result in a 66% reduction in emissions by 2025, firmly aligning them with their 2030 target and placing them as leaders in their industry.

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