Gilbert-Ash Ltd – Leading the Way in Carbon Compliance and ESG Responsibility with Carbonfit

Client Spotlight: Gilbert-Ash Ltd – Leading the Way in Carbon Compliance and ESG Responsibility with Carbonfit

We are excited to highlight Gilbert-Ash Ltd, a pioneering construction company that has partnered with Carbonfit to take meaningful steps toward Carbon Compliance and fulfil its commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibility. With a mission to reduce their carbon footprint and drive sustainability at the core of their corporate strategy, Gilbert-Ash is making remarkable progress with the help of Carbonfit's expertise and technology.

Key Carbon Highlights
  • 50% Carbon Reduction by 2025
  • c£9,856 Savings to date with Carbonfit
  • 3,288 MWh Energy Savings Identified
  • 50KW Solar PV Installed
  • Invest NI Energy Efficiency Capital Grant Secured for £8,000+I
  • Fully Costed Carbon Reduction Plan in accordance with PPN 06/21 and ESOS
  • Preparation for SECR 2022 and ESOS Phase 3
  • Facilitated Carbon Awareness Training
  • Submitted their SBTI target letter for validation
“We at Gilbert-Ash have been using Carbonfit for over a year now and the time saved, net zero targets set and decarbonisation schemes realised has helped drive our overall ESG and Net Zero Strategy and engage across our whole company, value chain and clients" - - Michael Heron (ESG Lead, Gilbert-Ash)
Their Story - Measuring the Footprint

The journey began with a comprehensive Carbon Footprint Assessment conducted across Gilbert-Ash's offices and construction sites, accounting for Scope 1, 2, and five Scope 3 categories. This assessment paved the way for the certification and verification process, establishing a baseline Carbon Footprint for the company.

In collaboration with the Gilbert-Ash Ltd Sustainability Team, CarbonFIT facilitated Carbon Awareness Training and Workshops, engaging staff at all levels and emphasizing the importance of sustainability. The live online platform provided by CarbonFIT serves as a hub for sharing data and tracking progress, ensuring transparency and collaboration in their sustainability efforts.

Gilbert-Ash Head Quarters Building

A Vision of Sustainability

Gilbert-Ash Ltd is an innovative contractor company that provides services across various industries in the UK, and worldwide. Their commitment to corporate social responsibility and ESG responsibility is exemplified by their ambitious Net Zero target for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030. Carbonfit’s program and platform are pivotal in helping Gilbert-Ash achieve their near-term goals and, ultimately, their Net Zero target.

Gilbert-Ash Sustainability Performance Report, 2022

Milestones and Progress

The partnership with Carbonfit has already yielded remarkable results. Gilbert-Ash Ltd is on track to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025. They have identified a Carbon Reduction Plan that aims to reduce 3,288 MWh of energy consumption, resulting in c£9,856 in financial savings to date. A notable achievement includes the installation of a 50KW Solar PV system, contributing to energy savings and reducing their carbon footprint. As well as in Q4 of 2023, working closely with Annemarie at Carbonfit, Gilbert-Ash Ltd have recently submitted their SBTI target letter for validation and will join the list of 6,437 companies globally.

Continuous Improvement

Working in conjunction Carbonfit, Gilbert-Ash successfully secured an Invest NI Energy Efficiency Capital Grant to support their improvement schemes. Ten projects, out of the 16 identified, are scheduled for implementation within the next two years. A fully costed Carbon Reduction Plan, aligned with PPN 06/21, ensures that every effort is made to meet their carbon reduction goals.

Tracking and Transparency

Gilbert-Ash has demonstrated a strong commitment to regulatory and mandatory carbon reporting, including PPN 06/21 and ESOS. Through Carbonfit, they have already started preparing for SECR 2022 and ESOS Phase 3. The platform provides access to completed reports, carbon hotspots, real-time tracking against historic data, and the company's Net Zero trajectory.

In partnering with Carbonfit, Gilbert-Ash Ltd is setting a remarkable example for the construction industry and the broader business community by integrating sustainability and carbon compliance into their core strategy. Their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future is evident in the progress they have made and the ambitious goals they are striving to achieve.

Carbonfit is proud to work alongside Gilbert-Ash on this transformative journey toward sustainability, and we look forward to seeing them achieve even greater milestones in the future.

“Gilbert-Ash has achieved formal recognition from the esteemed Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a significant milestone underscoring their unwavering commitment to sustainability. This achievement reflects Gilbert-Ash's dedication to meeting their Net Zero Targets. Michael Heron, our distinguished Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Lead, expressed his satisfaction, stating, 'We are delighted with our SBTi approval status which demonstrates Gilbert-Ash's commitment to achieving our Net Zero Targets. We extend our sincere appreciation to the carbonfit team for their invaluable guidance and support throughout the application process."
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